How to Install Pet Door

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how to install a dog doorHaving pets at home can be one of the best things that can happen to us. Whatever animal we would like to keep as a pet, whether it would be a dog or a cat or a pig, it is important to make them feel like they are a part of a family. However, keeping a pet calls for an additional responsibility because it will be like taking care of a child. We have to assume responsibilities and make them feel like they are also at home in our house. One of the good things we can give them is independence to explore and discover new things because they like to move around.

And independence comes in the shape of a pet door. Of course, we have to make sure that our environment is safe and secure before we decide we install one because we cannot prevent them from coming in and out once they have a door of their own. How to install a pet door can be challenging because there are so many things to consider. Yet, we can do something about it by finding the right pet door provider and securing materials like a tape measure, a pencil and a drill. Let us take it step by step.

Measuring it Correctly

The measurement of the installation starts with measuring the height and the body of our pet. We have to make a number of measurement when we have more than one pet at home. When we fail to get the right measure of our pet, we would have a hard time using our pet door because they would not fit even if we install it securely. It is not also advisable to estimate the size of our pet, instead, it would be wise to measure their body twice to make sure we get it right. Only when we are able to get the right measurement, we would be able to purchase the right size of pet door and have the freedom to choose the design we like. measure a dog door

Installing it Properly

Make sure we asked the professionals the questions we have in mind so we would not be confused during the installation. If we are not sure that we can do it, it is best to leave it with the expert installer. It is also important to follow the written instructions in each box when we decide to install it by ourselves. Use our pencil to trace the measurement so we would be able to place it in the right place and fit in the right size. Be careful when using power tools when drilling and screwing the pet door. Make sure you do it surely and neatly.

Training Your Pet

Pets might not use the pet door for the first time that they saw it. It requires patience on our part to teach them how to use it. One of the best things to do is to use the reward trick to make them get used of the pet door.

Our pets are indeed valuable members of the household. We must treat them that they belong at our home by investing things like pet doors to make their life more convenient.

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