Three Things You Need to Include in Your Aerial Photography Checklist

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There is no better feeling for a photographer that he would be able to find breath taking locations for his photos. Sometimes, to get the best location means going beyond normal vantage point so we could get unique angles for our images. In the case of aerial photography, we have to make sure everything is prepared in advance because this is no ordinary photo shoot. We have to make an aerial photography checklist to make sure nothing is left out or forgotten because there are no pull overs in mid air. We have to learn about tips that we have to remember even before we get out very first aerial photo shoots. Like in any kind of checklist, we have to make sure that there are major things that we need to prioritize in our list. There are three things that any professional photographer would recommend if you want to make the best out of your photography session.

Pick the Right Schedule

It is never advisable that we would be spontaneous with aerial photography. Everything that has to do with it must be perfectly timed and perfectly organized. Just like how we plan the clothes we pack before an ordinary trip, we need to take some time to plan what we would do before, during and after our photo shoot. Perhaps, our project is about chasing sunsets. It would be unwise to book a flight that is too close to the schedule of the sunset but we have to get the good timing and catch the right angle of the sun. We need to choose an airline that gives us freedom to choose the time we need to perform our photo shoot. Because our lighting much depends on the light of the sun, we have to determine what time of the day best set the mood that we want to capture. We have laid out the most important equipment you need to start aerial photography.

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Equip the Camera with the Right Accessory

For a photographer, the right capture of an image does not spontaneously come about. It is well planned together with the right mix of the effects of special equipment that enhance the experience of the photo shoot. Images are best captures when the right lenses are used and the lighting equipment are used to get the right feel of the photograph. There are photographers that dared to borrow lenses and other equipment so they would be able to take a number of focal points without interruption.

How to Shoot While in Motion

When we did not do our research before taking the flight, we would only be disappointed because we would not know how to take sharp pictures while moving. This is a very challenging kind of photography so it is best if we come complete not with the equipment only but also with the right strategies. We have to remember that we need to have the right mix of the ISO, the shutter speed and the aperture of the camera.

The things mentioned above is only scratching the surface of what aerial photography is all about. We have to do our part to complete our own checklist.

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